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How to make yourself look like a TV star?

Maybe we really have to face the reality, no matter how well is your singing voice, how good is your  instrument played, but if you have an ordinary appearance, such as look of Passers-by A and Passerby B, it is difficult to make you become a famous TV star. ...Read More


A genius created a silent song sold and remarkably popular

Recently, there was a song in iTunes that was remarkably popular and sold, but the song was bought that would not be heard because it was just a 9.58 minute long silent sound file, yes, really was completely silent,  a blank “song” sound file, however, people  can really able to buy this song in iTune, the song is priced at £ 0.79 (equal to around 1.016 US Dollar). ...Read More


Founder of No.1 Search Engine in China, who is also a Guitar Player!

Playing guitar chic and cool, and it is good for people take a rest and get happy in the spare time.

Recently, founder of Baidu search engine Mr. Robin Li  was playing guitar in his company’s summer party, with guitar accompaniment for her daughter singing performances. He got a warm applause from the audience, because  people never thought that he is also a guitar player,  as all people knew that he is a famous IT guy, who is leading  the most famous and popular search engine – Baidu.com in China. ...Read More

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