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See other people holding the guitar play and sing, very mighty (By Dennisying)

My guitar story

Very honest, this is the first time I share the story of my guitar!

When I was still a primary school (student), I met other students, friends also know how to play the piano, violin, played a wonderful music rhyme, get appreciation from “uncle and aunt”; on that moment, I do not understand any musical instrument. At that time, about to rise to secondary school, I will be determined to say that they have to “mighty” to “uncle aunt” to see! ...Read More


Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine

My Guitar Story + Why do I want to learn Guitar

My first encounter with Guitar happened twenty something years ago, and at that time I was a junior secondary school student. I joined a guitar class organized by my school, and I learnt a few basic chords and progessions. And at that time, we would learn songs like “朋友記得那天…” (Chinese Lyrics of the Song – Today ) and House of the rising son using a classical guitar. ...Read More


My Guitar Story (by 90’s Girl F)

Hello, I would like to submit my article to the most  popular guitar music website in Hong Kong, following is my article, the subject is “Story of My Guitar Study”, thank you for you guys to  read it! ^ ^ ...Read More


I play guitar after my children grew up (By H.S. Chang)

Hello  Host of I am Guitar Player .COM.

My guitar story

Since my two elder brothers began working in society, they have income, and they also like pop music, they share money bought a set of drums, so I have the opportunity to play, but cannot afford the study fees, so I do not have opportunity to learn how to play drum in music school. ...Read More


Learn guitar to make people happy (by Bob)

Why should I learn guitar?

Regarding learning musical instruments, why should I choose guitar? It is because personal preferences, no one asks me to learn guitar, nor my favorite idol plays guitar, just I want somethings new to my life, I think life needs a little change, but whether this new thing will bring new shocks to me or not, this is the words after the words. ...Read More


Why I would like to Join “I am Guitar Player .COM”(By S.gear)

(Sorry, Chinese Version only)

三年前到台灣讀書半年,加入了學校的結他社和鋼琴社,才正式接觸音樂,之前連聽音樂的習慣都沒有。彈奏音樂真的很開心,彷彿進入另一個世界,能暫時與現實分離,放下現實生活中的煩惱,好好享受音樂帶給我們的舒適。亦從來未試過加入吉他論壇,因為感覺到處都是可有可無的音樂討論區。正如你在論壇所說,看到的都是一些隨便的留言CCCC或XXXX等,為得到音樂資訊的一班網路遊客,並沒有太大的吸引力。 ...Read More