O2O Guitar Class (Beginner Level)

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Latest announcement: Due to Coronavirus attack, guitar class has been suspended. Stop intake new students, sorry.


Course Name:  O2O Guitar Course (Beginner Level)

Course Description: “I am Guitar Player .COM” is a creative brand in Hong Kong, it will be held a “Learn Guitar, got a Free Guitar” offline guitar course each month. Since the guitar course launched, it got positive feedback by students and parents. This month the offer is available again! Work hard, Play Hard, reward yourself to learn guitar after working or studying, singing your favorite song with guitar every day to relax. Through joining this guitar singing class, in addition to meet new friends with same hobby,  also from learn to play guitar and singing, it is also a good activity to decompression and relax yourself. Furthermore, this guitar course will teach students to create songs, with this technique, you will have more business opportunities in future. This is a good self-value added  interest class. Do you know? When you can sing song with guitar, you will be happy with this, also you can give happiness to family and friends!

Aims: :The competitive advantage of this course is we will provide one-stop service. From teaching you how to play and sing with guitar to let you know how to make your own original songs, finally shorten the time of taking different courses in different places, let you learn in a smart and efficient way.

This course will  teach students to play and sing with guitar from zero, furthermore, in the era of creativity and multimedia, our guitar instructor will also teach students how to create their own songs. If you have ever thought of playing and singing with guitar and missed the opportunity before, why not take  the chance now, to achieve your own dream and learn the new knowledge, the learned new knowledge also a lifetime of use!

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students who completed this course will be: Understand how to play and sing song with Guitar

You can also listen the songs that composed by our guitar class students:

Our Students’ music works:

1. Lemus Lee – Living with Low carbon:Click here to Download

2. YJJ  – First Song:Click here to Download

3. Silva-I have my own ideal:Click here to Download

Lesson Time (Please select one time Slot only):

District: Kowloon

K1:  Suspended

If the above time slots are not suitable to you, welcome counter-propose your time slot to us.

Venue:Free Public Area in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which is public area, let’s learning guitar outside classroom, free, relax and enjoy the music!

Environment as follows:

Study fee is  only HK$1,980 (2 months)

Deadline for application: 30 June 2019 (Sunday)

Application email: lascowan@hotmail.com or  info@iamguitarplayer.com


Duration of this course will be 2 months, one hour per lesson and one lesson per week. small group teaching, within 4 students in a class.


Reviews and feedbacks for Lasco Sir from students/parents (you can click the picture to enlarge it):

Why choose us? Unique advantages of our Guitar Course:

1. No Examination, learning new knowledge without any pressure, enjoy interested-oriented class. Also we are performing  small-class-teaching, amount of students will not be more than four in a class.

2.We use color for effective information design, with our notes, you can learning new knowledge in a smart way, we even developed Guitar Game for our students, using interesting teaching approach. (you can click the picture to enlarge it):

3. Famous Guitar Teacher: The guitar teacher of this course is Mr. Lasco Wan, who is the first chinese translator of a worldwide famous Guitar computer software – Guitar Pro 6.0 in Hong Kong. Guitar Pro is the most famous computer software in the industry.

Working records as Chinese Translator for Guitar Pro Company:

4. Qualification/Awards of our Guitar Teacher:

In order to improve teaching skills and shows heart on Education, Lasco was spent two years for study and got the Postgraduate Diploma in Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lasco is also a Network Singer-songwroter, he got his first musical prize in a network sing composing competition in 2005, which’s organized by Sina website, the largest Chinese portal website in Hong Kong.(you can click the picture to enlarge it):

i.  Four years later, in July 2009, his another song「遜有明天」(believe it, tomorrow!) was selected by “Tung Wah Group of Hospitals” as an event theme song. In many of the works, compared with all competitors, finally the judges were selected Lasco’s song,  Lasco’s musical talent is recognized by people again.Click here to download the song

a. Lasco Sir’s name was printed on the leaflet (you can click the picture to enlarge it):

(Source of the above leaflet) 

b. Press Interview:Click here to see the records

ii. Recent years, Lasco sir was creating commercial songs for another company or organization, below are some examples:

a. Hong Kong Old Food (Live Version):Click here to Listen

b. MMO of Hong Kong Old Food(Musical Arrangement by Lasco Sir):
Click here to Listen

iii. Lasco Sir even invited by company from overseas to do musical arrangement for their advertising song, below are some examples:

a. Dispair (Sheet and Musical Arrangement by Lasco Sir):

Click here to Listen

b. Love in the Air (Sheet and Musical Arrangement by Lasco Sir):

Click here to Listen

iv. In 2016, Lasco Sir was composed an advertising song for pharmaceutical company, which’s a song for supplement product. Song requirements are need to the put the specific product name, function and dosage into the song, also required nice melody and easy for people to remember the song, the difficulty requirements is higher than pure art and freedom creation. But Lasco Sir also with the mastery of knowledge, to complete the work requirements. Lasco sir was responsible for music composition, lyrics writing and musical arrangement. Higher demand. This prove that more critical of commercial works, he can also handle。

Download the Song Demo here (With Lasco Sir’s singing):Click here to Listen

Download the version of full musical arrangement:Click here to Listen

v. Recently, one of Lasco’s Song was translated in several lanagues and published on Internet:[French Versuib],[Spanish Version],[English Version] ,[Hindi Version],[Japanese Version]

vi. As a teacher, Lasco Sir still keep doing live musical performance on stage, convert his working experience as teaching materials, and share with students:Click here to watch the video clip

vii. In 2019, invited by commercial client in Singapore to do advertising song  – Just Right (Song composed and musical arrangement by Lasco Sir):Click here to Listen


In order to provide flexible and relaxing learning experience, this guitar course will be teaching outside classroom.


Music lets you be happy 

We will intake new students every month, welcome to join our Guitar Course!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is it just one price, will there be any registration fee,  fee of teaching materials notes, etc?

A1. Hello, no, the kind of hidden charges to do business is very offensive, we “I am Guitar Player .COM” as a goodwill brand, we are absolutely not use this dishonest Way to collect extra hidden fee  from student.

We provide this free guitar and one-stop-shop teaching services, one charge is one charge, no hidden money. Thank you for inquiries and welcome to join our course.

Q2. Hello, I am looking for a guitar course, especially for learning sing song with guitar, but why should I select your course?

A2. Hello, our competitive advantage is providing high quality course and learning experience. For example, our course will teach students how to compose their own songs, which will save students’  time, that means students no  need to enroll further song composing class.

In addition, our course will also give students a new style with built-in tuner guitar, so that students can save time, no need go to buy and choose the guitar. Finally, one of our strengths is the small class teaching and the provision of color teaching notes. Thank you for inquiries and welcome to join our course.


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