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Generative AI Sora Creates Debut Music Video

Hello music lovers, Happy Friday!

The following is a report on the latest music news.

Washed Out recently released the new single “The Hardest Part,” and what’s remarkable is that the accompanying music video was created entirely without human involvement, but rather by the generative AI system “Sora” developed by OpenAI. This visually rich and diverse 4-minute visual work took director Paul Trillo 6 months to meticulously select and compile 50 segments from over 700 Sora-generated image materials. ...Read More


A genius created a silent song sold and remarkably popular

Recently, there was a song in iTunes that was remarkably popular and sold, but the song was bought that would not be heard because it was just a 9.58 minute long silent sound file, yes, really was completely silent,  a blank “song” sound file, however, people  can really able to buy this song in iTune, the song is priced at £ 0.79 (equal to around 1.016 US Dollar). ...Read More

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