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See other people holding the guitar play and sing, very mighty (By Dennisying)

My guitar story

Very honest, this is the first time I share the story of my guitar!

When I was still a primary school (student), I met other students, friends also know how to play the piano, violin, played a wonderful music rhyme, get appreciation from “uncle and aunt”; on that moment, I do not understand any musical instrument. At that time, about to rise to secondary school, I will be determined to say that they have to “mighty” to “uncle aunt” to see! ...Read More


I play guitar after my children grew up (By H.S. Chang)

Hello  Host of I am Guitar Player .COM.

My guitar story

Since my two elder brothers began working in society, they have income, and they also like pop music, they share money bought a set of drums, so I have the opportunity to play, but cannot afford the study fees, so I do not have opportunity to learn how to play drum in music school. ...Read More


Learn guitar to make people happy (by Bob)

Why should I learn guitar?

Regarding learning musical instruments, why should I choose guitar? It is because personal preferences, no one asks me to learn guitar, nor my favorite idol plays guitar, just I want somethings new to my life, I think life needs a little change, but whether this new thing will bring new shocks to me or not, this is the words after the words. ...Read More