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學識彈結他+成為KOL就是我的夢想 (by Rita)

我還記得那個令人難忘的一天,當我在TikTok上瀏覽時,一段視頻引起了我的注意。畫面中,一位年輕人優雅地彈奏著結他,他的手指在琴弦上輕快地舞動,彷彿與結他融為一體。這一刻,我的心被他的音樂所撫摸,一種無法言喻的情感湧上心頭,我的夢想再次點燃。 ...阅读全文


會員投稿:「朋友記得那天….」(by HL)


My Guitar Story + Why do I want to learn Guitar

My first encounter with Guitar happened twenty something years ago, and at that time I was a junior secondary school student. I joined a guitar class organized by my school, and I learnt a few basic chords and progessions. And at that time, we would learn songs like “朋友記得那天…” (Chinese Lyrics of the Song – Today ) and House of the rising son using a classical guitar. ...阅读全文

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