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The world is so big, I still meet you (multilingual collection)  


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23/05/2020 5:35 pm  

2020年最流行歌曲 - "世界這麼大還是遇見你"

Keep listening to new songs, accept new songs, don't let yourself grow old ...

If ... a song can make you have a memory,
If ... you have been listening to those old songs,
So, how can you have today's memory song in 2020 in the future?

Listen to new songs and build new memories for yourself in the future.

The latest popular song of 2020 - "世界這麼大還是遇見你" (the world is so big or still meet you).

1. 原曲 - 缅甸語版 (Original version, Burmese  ):

2.. 普通話女版 (Female, Putonhua version):

3. 普通話男版 (Male, Putonhua version):

4. 廣東話女版 (Female, Cantonese version):

5. 英語男版 (Male, English version):

6. 韓語女版 (Female, Korean version):

7.  西班牙語男版(Male, Spanish version):




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